How to Avoid Overlooks When Marketing an Application

The Essentials

In these times of saturated app marketplaces, where thousands of Angry Birds and Candy Crush clones duke it out with original apps that promise everything from quick and easy dating to the ability to control your house's temperature, it is harder than ever to make your app stand out and get the attention it deserves. The rise of mobile devices and app stores has been so meteoric that the rewards for a successful have never been higher, but the fierce competition also means that it can be quite intimidating to put your app out there into a sea of quality and chaff.

Luckily, there is plenty you can do to ensure that your app has at least a fighting chance of getting the attention it warrants. It's not easy, but it's doesn't have to be complex or difficult either.


As streamlined and ever-evolving as app marketplaces are, not all app users tend to find the apps they use from within the marketplaces themselves. Having a good website that explains what your app is all about - and hopefully makes a positive first impression - can be one of the most fruitful sources of customers out there. You can even use a template.

Tell a story

In an ideal world, your app would be judged on its quality, its function, and its appeal. Apps however, much like any other online product, can always benefit from a little context. Telling the story of your app helps define the app and give it some sense of personality. Even if that story is of how you programmed it on your own within a year of learning how to program, never underestimate how much the personal element adds for the potential consumer.


The problem of saturation in the app market isn't a new one, and fortunately there are plenty of websites and services that have recognised the problem (both from the app-maker and app-user's perspective) and done something about it. Awards such as the The Mobileys or Kiip Build Fund exist to bring attention to particularly innovative or useful apps, and there are also plenty of sites that are willing to test, review, and talk about your app. All you need to do is reach out a little - many sites like getting free things, and the exposure from influential writers, sites, and awards can break an app to an exponentially larger group.


If schmoozing reviewers, coming up with an interesting angle, or creating a website with a compelling design and effect seems a bit too much for you, then there is always the option of hiring an agency. While much of what agencies do can be done by individuals, the experience, resources, and connections an advertising agency can provide often means it takes far less time (and possibly fewer mistakes) to get the job done.

Whatever path you take towards pushing your app and getting it into the hands of customers, keep in mind that the best advertising is word of mouth. Keep your customers happy, give plenty of support, and make sure your app is as good as it can be - if you can do that, much of the advertising will take care of itself.

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