What to Do in Order to Maintain the UPS System

Important Instructions for UPS maintenance

The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) system is an electronic device that enables your computer to run smoothly when encountering electric supply irregularities like power shortages, or voltage oscillations. Since it is an electronic device, maintaining it regularly is highly recommended in order to prolong its effective functionality. Not following the recommended precaution and servicing measures may lead to the UPS not functioning as it should, and could cause even more trouble, like ruining your computer, thus causing more expenses than required. In order to function as a proper backup power supply, it is very important to follow certain corrective and preventive steps, which will ensure that you do not run into any trouble while using your UPS system.

Taking the precautions against UPS failure
When operating with UPS systems, it is very important to follow certain guidelines, in order to avoid any potential damage to your UPS and your computer, and to ensure that your UPS will run smoothly and without any problems. These simple guidelines may help you prolong the life of your UPS:

  • First thing is about choosing the right UPS for your computer. Not all computers have the same power supply requirements, as some may require more watts to run, while others do not. This depends on the configuration of your computer. It is very important to choose the right wattage of your UPS, as UPS having less power supply than required may lead to damaging both your computer and the UPS in question.

  • Since UPS is an electronic device, it is sufficient to say that it is not very fond of water. So it is very important to keep your UPS device away from water, and to keep the water from coming into the UPS system, as it may cause much damage to the inside of the UPS system.

  • You should avoid putting the UPS system near a source of heat or smoke. Electronic devices such as the UPS are very sensitive to heat, and, if overheated, can malfunction easily if subjected to high temperatures.

  • Since the UPS generates power, it produces its own heat, so it is important to keep it well-ventilated. Keep it in a spot where its ventilators will not be blocked by debris, thus enabling it to run without any problems and overheating.

  • Keep the UPS at accessible place, should there be a need for any interventions. It is easier to work on it if it is somewhere that is not difficult to reach.

  • The UPS system should be kept away from corrosive materials. Corrosion may easily pass on to the UPS system, and then the UPS will start malfunctioning due to corroding of its inner workings. When this happens, the only option for you will be to buy a new one, and that is an expense that you do not want to have.

  • Assessing of the functionality of the UPS is recommended to be done regularly. Battery discharge tests and mains failure tests should be done in regular intervals, once a year per say. This will help find out if there are any irregularities with your UPS early, and solve them before it causes any trouble.

What to do when the irregularities occur?
Sometimes, even with all the precautions taken, the irregularities in operating of your UPS system may happen. If you have not taken the precautionary steps, the irregularities are bound to happen, sooner or later. When they do, there are not many options that are available to you:

  • The first thing that you can check is whether the battery functions properly. The batteries in the UPS systems may last long, if properly maintained, but even they have an expiration date. It is usually a few years before the battery is dead. You can check this by buying a new battery and installing it instead of the old one. If that does not solve the problem you should move on to the next step.

  • The next step depends on whether your warranty is still in effect, and whether you have knowledge of electronics and electricity. If you do, then you can open up your UPS system, and check to see where the irregularities are coming from, and try to solve them yourself. Be aware that this is a breach of the warranty, so, if you have warranty it is always advisable to move immediately to the next step.

  • The final thing that you can do is to get your UPS system to a party that provides the services of maintaining and repairing UPS systems. If there is something wrong, they will know how to fix it the best. If you have warranty for the UPS, take it to the store where you bought it, and have it fixed.

These simple guidelines should help you prevent your UPS from malfunctioning and causing serious trouble. Again, as all electronic devices are prone to malfunctioning due to age, or improper use, it is very advisable to have your UPS checked for irregularities in regular periods of time, as to avoid potential malfunctions from occurring.

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