Top Android Pregnancy Apps

Android pregnancy apps

A pregnancy is a special thing as well as exciting and for an Android user, probably you are looking for ideal and best Android pregnancy apps. In the marketplace today, you will find so many apps that help in tracking the development of a baby as well timing the eventual contraction. You will find some of the best pregnancy apps for Android today discussed below.

Contraction Timer
This little app comes handy for those experiencing some real labor contractions and not back labor or induced contractions. While this is happening, an Android Smartphone will help you conveniently plan for each of the contractions as you click the 'Start Timer'. This app times the duration and frequency of every contraction and has them logged in an interface that is very easy to read. You will find the contraction patterns easy to follow and the best time to leave for the hospital will be clear. This is a highly recommended app.

My Pregnancy Today
This app is the work of BabyCenter and owners of, a site where expecting mothers usually hangout. In their tradition of being an informative and trustworthy resource for women who are pregnant, they have come up with this app showing the daily stats of a developing baby. After entering the estimated delivery date, it will every single day deliver to your Android Smartphone the information on how far one is into a pregnancy, including the possible images of how the baby looks and a lot of information on the development of the baby. It is a superb and fun app that makes one wiser everyday on whether the little growing bundle of joy has grown fingernails or sucking its thumb.

What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker
This is a development of Everyday Health and one app that has been well evaluated. It is closely related to 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' book some call the pregnancy only manual. The message boards are tapped by this app and any member of the site will access everything through the Android app. You can even find a doctor online. The tracker also offers information on the development of the baby, belly and body images.

Prenatal Lullabies Lite
This free to use Android app by is very unique since it plays to your growing pregnancy some music. It is made with the belief that those unborn babies who are played music as they develop end up smarter years later. There might not be real proof but a dad or mom will not be hurt to stick with the app. It could also make mom's tummy a happy environment for the baby. Even moms also find the music as relaxing as possible.

Pregnancy Assistant
This popular app was created by zneref that also helps in following the developing baby. Weekly updates on the development of the unborn baby are offered. It is worth a try since after entering the date the baby is due, after each week pictures of the form of the baby at that time and details on the growth process are offered.

Some of these top android pregnancy apps have the same features but the user interface and ease of usage will help you choose the one to use.

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